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Norfolk Homes have gifted a popular 15 acre woodland to the village of Poringland

October 18, 2023

Norfolk Homes have gifted a popular 15 acre woodland to the village of Poringland. The woodland which is adjacent to their development is already being enjoyed by the local community. They have also given an area with an attenuation lagoon which has been designed to be left undisturbed and allowed to flourish as a wildlife area, just south of Carr Lane.

Managing Director, Philip Makepeace commented:

“We are delighted to be able to give the woodland to the community for their enjoyment and relaxation; not just the people who live on our developments but anyone else who wishes to use it. We are all more aware than ever of the importance of access to outdoor spaces and the benefits of natural surroundings. The woodland is already enjoyed by many people and is popular with our four legged friends! The attenuation lagoon will provide an area which should see increased biodiversity and wildlife. The Parish Council will become the custodians of these two areas and we have given a financial contribution towards their future maintenance.”

He continued;

“We have been building beautiful homes in Poringland for 20 years and – as with all our developments – we like to become involved with the local community and contribute when we can to local initiatives. An example of this was the collaborative effort by the Poringland Conservation and Fishing Lakes Association and us. Norfolk Homes restored the lakes and water levels to allow fishing to continue. We also helped fund equipment for the playground behind Poringland Primary School, all in addition to the Section 106 payments which provided a quarter of the costs for the building of the Poringland Community Centre and library which are well used by the local community’

Norfolk Homes are now building a third and final phase at Brooke Meadow Way, a range of contemporary style homes which are bound to be as popular as their other two developments in the village. The original Brooke Meadow Way – which won awards for its beautiful landscaping – and The Ridings are very attractive, mainly due to the range of architecture, landscaping and the sense of place. There is plenty of outdoor space to enjoy and plenty of green areas and children’s play grounds. Norfolk Homes are renowned for building homes of the highest quality and this is evident as you look around the developments.