Community Funding

Support in the community

Over the last 30 years Norfolk Homes has given significant financial funding and manpower contributions to local community projects which have all had a positive impact on communities. For example we have given land to local groups for their choice of use, financially contributed to building playgrounds, restored and restocked fishing lakes, sponsored local football teams and carnivals. We get involved. Why? Because we are a Norfolk company, Norfolk is our community, so when we build a development in a village or town in Norfolk we want it to be a positive addition to the existing community. If you have been lucky enough to live in a good, strong community you will be aware of all the many benefits it enables; friendships, social and support networks amongst other things.

New home builders are required as part of the planning agreement to contribute towards community projects eg. help fund schools and recreation facilities, improve roads, pathways etc. But we go beyond these requirements. Read on to see the latest projects we have been involved with.

Ahoy mateys! Sheringham children to walk the plank

Who knew that Sheringham Primary School were training pirates?! They like to keep their crew fit and healthy, the whole crew - disabled children, non-disabled children and wheelchair users, so Norfolk Homes have given them £18,000 from their treasure trove to help deliver a pirate ship climbing frame. Children can be seen keeping fit running up and down the rigging! Any children who misbehave in school will have to walk the plank but the children are delighted as they said they would prefer this to writing lines!

Norfolk Homes are launching a collection of stunning homes at their newest development, Seawood, in Sheringham, in early 2021.

Have a nice play!

Children in Trowse can have even more fun when they go to play on their village green as Norfolk Homes has donated and installed £50,000 worth of play equipment for them to enjoy.

The pretty village green in the centre of Trowse is popular with families and this new equipment will hopefully encourage children to enjoy being outside and having fun.

Norfolk Homes have also gifted 1 hectare of land for the use of the new Primary School. A new school is currently under construction adjacent to Norfolk Homes’s Millgate Meadow development which will have increased capacity as the existing school was full.

Winning lines at North Walsham Rugby Club

There should be no more disputes as to whether or not the ball is over the line at North Walsham Rugby Club, as Norfolk Homes have purchased a state of the art white line painter for the club.

The club is popular with coaching of youth teams as well as seniors. Although this year sport has been affected by COVID-19, let’s hope that 2021 can see plenty of tries!

Building Communities

Norfolk Homes have been building beautiful homes throughout Norfolk for over 35 years. But they build more than just homes, they create communities. Over the decades Norfolk Homes have given hundreds of thousands of pounds in donations and land to the local communities and charities.

Most recently they have given Holt Parish Council over £100,000 to be used on play and parking facilities. This is in addition to the moneys they are obliged to pay under Section 106.

Managing Director James Nicholls commented;

‘Since COVID we have all developed a greater appreciation of the importance of good, strong, communities and the support and friendship they offer .We know people love living in our homes, but we also know how much they like lovely surroundings and places that can be enjoyed by the community; and to this end we like to support communities when we are able.“

We have gifted a popular 15 acre woodland to Poringland

Norfolk Homes have gifted a popular 15 acre woodland to the village of Poringland. The woodland which is adjacent to their development is already being enjoyed by the local community. They have also given an area with an attenuation lagoon which has been designed to be left undisturbed and allowed to flourish as a wildlife area, just south of Carr Lane.

Managing Director, Philip Makepeace commented:

"We are delighted to be able to give the woodland to the community for their enjoyment and relaxation; not just the people who live on our developments but anyone else who wishes to use it. We are all more aware than ever of the importance of access to outdoor spaces and the benefits of natural surroundings. The woodland is already enjoyed by many people and is popular with our four legged friends! The attenuation lagoon will provide an area which should see increased biodiversity and wildlife. The Parish Council will become the custodians of these two areas and we have given a financial contribution towards their future maintenance.”

He continued;

“We have been building beautiful homes in Poringland for 20 years and - as with all our developments - we like to become involved with the local community and contribute when we can to local initiatives. An example of this was the collaborative effort by the Poringland Conservation and Fishing Lakes Association and us. Norfolk Homes restored the lakes and water levels to allow fishing to continue. We also helped fund equipment for the playground behind Poringland Primary School, all in addition to the Section 106 payments which provided a quarter of the costs for the building of the Poringland Community Centre and library which are well used by the local community'

Norfolk Homes are now building a third and final phase at Brooke Meadow Way, a range of contemporary style homes which are bound to be as popular as their other two developments in the village. The original Brooke Meadow Way - which won awards for its beautiful landscaping - and The Ridings are very attractive, mainly due to the range of architecture, landscaping and the sense of place. There is plenty of outdoor space to enjoy and plenty of green areas and children’s play grounds. Norfolk Homes are renowned for building homes of the highest quality and this is evident as you look around the developments.