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“Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today.”

October 18, 2023

I love this quote from Benjamin Franklin, it encourages me to seize the day, life and opportunities. What about you? Do you seize or are you a procrastinator? Are you driving through life with the brakes on?

There may be benefits to taking your time making decisions; maybe you’re risk averse and it may help you to arrive at well considered decisions but it could also mean you miss out on things. And that’s happened to many of us when trying to decide on when and where to live.

I’m not saying make snap or rash decisions, but if there is one thing I’ve come to know it’s that even if we want to apply the brakes to life, time doesn’t listen, it keeps on speeding on and all of a sudden you end up in another decade of your life asking yourself why you’re still stuck in the same place.  For example, you may have always wanted to live on the coast but don’t think you can until the children leave home or you retire, but why wait? At least explore the idea and see how feasible it would be. Without being gloomy, we all know people who have made plans and had dreams but not been able to achieve or live them, do you want to be the same? So why not start looking at your opportunities and options?

And if you do want to live on our stunning coast come and see our homes. We’ve helped so many people find their perfect new home; beautiful homes, built to the highest quality and finish and all with exceptional specifications. Visit us to see why we are renowned for this and why so many of our customers go on to buy a second or even third home from us.

Now just imagine walking from your fabulous new home down onto the shimmering beach, the waves gently running up the sand, awesome views,  your children or dogs happy, living and enjoying it. Remember what Benjamin said.

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