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Because we’re all different!

October 18, 2023

What a good job we all like different things – what a boring world it would be if we all wore the same clothes, drove the same cars and lived in square boxes.

And because we all have different tastes, styles and budgets Norfolk Homes build a vast selection of new homes for you to choose from. If you like Georgian styles, they have them, if you like contemporary styles, they have them, if you like New England styles – yes they have them. And they also have great locations for you to choose from too; country, coastal and market towns and villages. They have homes for upsizing or downsizing and even sideways moving,  they should have what you are looking for; from generously sized 1 bedroom apartments through to their largest five bedroomed homes. And regardless of size or cost, every home is built to the highest quality, with superb finishing and attention to detail. Anyone who has looked around at new home developers and compared specifications will have seen that Norfolk Homes’s specifications are exceptional.

Philip Makepeace, Chairman, told us; ’Many of our customers have gone on to buy a second and some a third home from us! As a company our ethos is to build the best homes for our customers; we want them to be delighted and love living in their homes and surroundings. Our customers are making an enormous financial investment and entrust us to do a great job and look after them. And we’re proud to say we have developed a trusted reputation in Norfolk for doing this over the last 36 years and we’ll maintain and continue to improve this.’

The second hand market is much bigger, but the crux of the matter for some people is that the property is ’second hand’.  So why buy a new build home? People like new build for a multitude of reasons, including the obvious, everything is brand new, clean and sparkling! No mildew on tiles, no drafty windows and weekends of DIY ahead! Energy efficient new homes can save you thousands of pounds in energy bills; and in a Norfolk Homes house you can enjoy luxurious underfloor heating. Maintenance should be minimal for a number of years if good quality products are used in the construction – as Norfolk Homes do.

‘We have found that most of our customers who have bought a new home from us say they will never buy second hand again. They love making it their home, putting their own stamp on it. They love choosing a fabulous new kitchen and cooking with new appliances, they love their shiny new bathrooms and Porcelanosa tiles. And it feels good to walk barefoot on clean new flooring.  When prospective customers who are deciding between a new or second hand home add up what it would cost to put into a secondhand home all that we put into our homes they are often shocked and the decision made – new home!’

So maybe its time to think differently?